About the TMP Team
Meet the TMP Team
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About the TMP Team 

The team at That Magical Party comprises a passionate, unique group of dedicated and like-minded individuals. We share a common dedication to the ideals and dreams that have created countless unforgettable and enthralling parties, with the hope that our work will be a source of joy and inspiration to many generations of children and their families to come.

With a combined working experience in children-related job fields of more than 15 years, we represent a stronghold of knowledge and techniques with our proven track record of numerous wholesome and original family-oriented entertainments.

As a bunch of regular party-goers ourselves, we have come to observe the presence of a certain void in the ways which traditional parties are run. Emphasizing a deep and strong focus on understanding children’s needs and behavior, we strive to challenge convention and revolutionize the many inefficient ways in which traditional children and family party outfits deliver their services. As opposed to simply providing a service for its own sake, we regard heavily on the importance of building close children-entertainer interpersonal relations that are ‘alive’ and real.

About TMP Team
From top left clockwise: Jasmine Lee, Lloyd Koh, Gavin, Cynwell, Park, Jake, Danny Koh, Nique Tan

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