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Magical Concerts and Their Origins

Magical concerts are co-created and produced by magicians Danny Koh and Nique Tan, known more affectionately as the Magic Prince and Niquey respectively, and kids entertainment company That Magical Party. Danny had a vision to develop a unique entertainment experience for the children of today--a show and production that would accomodate children’s varied and dramatically changing interests. Together with Nique and a team of experts from various fields of entertainment, he tried to create an all-new experience that mobilized magic, music and movement, that acknowledged the differences in children, and that did not go for the lowest common denominator.

Using magic as the core basis to engage the fertile minds of children, the production team fuses music and movement with the expertise of professional singer and song writer Nique Tan to create an extraordinary multisensory experience and environment much akin to the electrifying landscape of a live concert, with the additional touch of magical entertainment.

In their commitment to further facilitate the education and exposure of children to the popular art forms of today, the creators dice up a range of different performing arts like puppetry, theatre, ventriloquism, juggling and comedy to create a hybrid show comprising a little of all of their disciplines and none of any in their entirety.



The Aim of Magical Concerts

The aim of Magical Concerts is to cater for a wide range of young children, acknowledging the differences in needs and comprehension at different levels of growth and development. The program presents material with the understanding that children will respond in different ways and be more open or delighted with a particular art form of entertainment. That Magical Party recognizes the need and has hence produced a well thought out range of show times, put together through many years of experiment, incorporating age-specific materials which are different as compared to “outdated” models of one-size-fits-all shows in the market today.
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