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Looking for a unique gift for a child’s birthday? How about something special with loads of sentimental value coupled with a touch of the unique and totally magical? Check out the Maki Magical Mix!

For the first time, That Magical Party is collaborating with the talented designers from Maki Squarepatch to offer our customers a special gift-making experience. Maki Magical Mix is a special program designed to custom-create exclusive children’s wear or soft toys with the (re)use of a child’s baby clothes or other similar items. Baby clothes are given a new life as they transform into a unique piece of clothing for a party as well as a sentimental keepsake. The program facilitates a two-way participative process whereby parents first play an active role in selecting the materials to be re-created and hence the special memories to be relived, after which designers from Maki Squarepatch will add their magical touch to transform the creation. All custom works are highly unique and exclusive pieces that are hand made to detail with professional workmanship.

Check out some of our customized creations from previous parties:

Maki2  maki 3 maki4   maki5






Little  John celebrated his birthday party with his family decked out in Maki Magical Mix creations. He has a brother named James and even the family maid got involved in the gig. Dinosaur drawings were recreated based on John’s own drawings

A Maki Magical Mix gift custom made for a young boy

 To find out more about Maki Squarepatch, click here.









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