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In case you think any entertainer will do, find out here, how and why, That Magical Party embraces an entirely unique approach to party hosting and delivery of entertainment — one which places them in a league of their own, and your family on a most unforgettable magical journey.


TMP guys know their job: to make this a day you and your child will never forget!

TMP’s visit is about the children, especially your child, not about themselves. ALL of the children are ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS, ENGAGED TO THE FULLEST, and not just spectators.

You will never see TMP folks making children sit quietly as they pull cards from their sleeve…The children are part of the show and always in action!

TMP folks make sure your child’s siblings are not left out as well!

With regards to shy children, TMP respects them and tries to lend them a little courage, so they may enjoy the show in a way he or she feels most comfortable.


THAT MAGICAL PARTY UNDERSTANDS children and wins their attention and cooperation easily and gently

They are not a “wild bunch of kids”… Having fun is why they are gathered at a party!

Playing is not “bad behavior”. It’s what children do!

TMP has a range of tried and tested techniques to focus their attention and keep them interested and happy.

This is all possible because……


TMP folks come from a diverse range of backgrounds connected to children-related work. From former scout leaders to teachers and motivational kids camp facilitators, they enjoy creating magical moments for children with adults who also like and respect them.

Even before becoming a full-time professional entertainer involved literally everyday with kids and families, Danny himself has already spent almost five years working with and learning from children as a teenager, facilitating camps and helping to organize activities for them. This is coupled with another two years of working in a popular (but often rowdy!) toy store demonstrating magic and having fun with families and children. You have to really like kids to spend that much time with them! (And compared to all that, a party is easy!)

Nique still remembers the magician he saw at age 5. That wonderful memory alone inspired him to focus his performances these days on rewarding family-based work instead of solely high-end, exclusive and glamorous events which no doubt are very high paying, but are often devoid of the true colors and feelings of a happy children’s party.

TMP shows are SAFE. No risky stunts or needles. Yes, you’d be surprised, there are shows like such for young children. No, we don’t know why.


THAT MAGICAL PARTY Magical Concerts provide COMPLETE and AGE-SPECIFIC entertainment

TMP Magical Concerts are hybrid shows comprising several popular art forms all rolled into one.

Show times are content-rich, with performers who speak good english.

A show comprises not just magic, puppets, juggling, theatre, comedy or music. It’s a little of all of them but none of it in its entirety to capture the short attention span of children.

TMP is the FIRST and ONLY music/magic-centric children’s entertainment company in Singapore with a range of AGE-SPECIFIC show times for children at different growing stages.  Show times are never a ‘one size-fits-all’, characteristic of generic magic shows and other forms of kids’ entertainment in the market today.

TMP Magical Concerts are PLENTY of entertainment! By the time a concert ends, they are ready for some cake and a nap!

THAT MAGICAL PARTY can help you PLAN to let YOU ENJOY your child’s special day

You’ve never tried planning a party before? Relax, TMP HAS, and they understand the art and fun of it!

TMP can help suggest numerous things you may not even have thought of! They know of a good time schedule for different age groups, workable number of guests and more.

Your child will only be this age once!  You must be able to share this special moment with your child.

Leave the rough work to TMP. When the show ends, give the children the cake and you have done your job.


THAT MAGICAL PARTY gives you FULL VALUE for an affordable fee

You’ll find every feature you’re paying for here.

You will receive a detailed confirming letter listing it all in writing.

TMP guys will let you know what they will do in the show, and they will deliver all they promise.

With a combined total working experience of more than 15 years in the entertainment scene and children-related job fields, the TMP team knows what THRILLS a young audience, (not just what keeps them from being bored!) and they give you your money’s worth---a treasure trove of lifetime memories!


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