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A new offering by That Magical Party, Close Up Evenings provides a new source of magic-centric entertainment for parties, events and birthday celebrations. Headed by Danny and his elite team of close-up magicians, families and event coordinators can now relieve the magic of traditional evening magic extravaganzas rendered by foreign magicians of old in the countryside and taverns. Alternatively, one can also opt for a modern day version performed in lavish cocktail receptions.

Regarded by many as an intimate and arguably “authentic” way of presenting magic, Nique and his team have meticulously recreated magical effects and show times faithful in every detail to the splendor of conjurers in olden days. From the multiple themed presentations to skills pertaining to crowd interaction and miracle-brandishing, we have stuck to the good ol’ original formula used by magicians to create fanfair and spectacle from ages past.

These are all powerful miracles performed within extreme close range. Our magicians utilize everyday tools such as coins, fruits and cards to create the most baffling situations right under your very noses. From making a guest’s ring disappear and then magically appear inside a lemon to incredible demonstrations of psychic abilities, such as mind reading, audiences get a rare chance to rub elbows with our pleasant magicians as well as guest star in live magic performances.

That Magical Party currently offers two Close-Up Evenings packages:


30 min close-up magic show time (recommended for children 10 yrs and above)

Suitable for:
- Home parties
- Private gatherings
- Garden parties
- Beer parties
- Pubs and restaurants
- Any excuse to have fun!

Close up-3 Close up-2 Close up-1


1 hour of mingling close-up magic performance by the TMP Close-Up Magic Team

Recommended for
- Special events
- Cocktail receptions
- Product launches
- Cruise
- Showrooms
- Festivals.
- Dinner events

For more information, please contact Danny at 96885571 or Nique at 96885599

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