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Meet The Magic Prince | Pirate Adventures | Half Lite Prince

 Magic Prince 

Decked out in a majestic royal garb and shining crown, the Magic Prince is arguably one of the country’s top kids and family entertainers in show business today. Resembling a magical character straight out of the pages of a children’s fairytale, the Magic Prince is literally a child’s magical wish-come-true. His charming stage presence and amazing antics, coupled with an innocent boyish appeal never fail to light up the hearts of both young and old on stage. Having worked more than a thousand parties and countless special events, Danny definitely delivers the goods if you want clean hilarious entertainment for your upcoming special day!

That’s why corporations like American Express, IBM, Shell, Texas Instruments, Robinsons, Certis Cisco, etc., have trusted their customers, clients, employees and children to the clean hilarity of The Magic Prince! 

prince studio

Comprising a three-part live-action storyline feature of unique and heart-warming magic acts by professional magician Danny and his cheeky puppet buddies like Freddo the Frog Prince, the ‘Adventures of The Magic Prince trilogy promises quality children and family entertainment at its best, including a whole lot of audience participation and even the production of live animals on stage!

Adventures of The Magic Prince Concert One:  Meet The Magic Prince

The first in a three-part series , Meet the Magic Prince is a pilot feature of magic, music, comedy, puppet, as well as live animal appearance on stage. A good mix of solid, tried-and-tested entertainment, the pilot concert is a sure-fire way to rock your child and her friends’ world! Be prepared for some serious side effects like parent-child discussions about the show, way past bedtime, or an increased measure of your child’s confidence and popularity back at school!

Here are some of the acts you will witness in Meet The Magic Prince:

Rainbow Dreams
Sit back and revel in this delightful color fantasy! Watch as Danny skillfully manipulates balls of different vibrant colors and sizes, making them disappear, grow, multiply, reappear, and eventually ending the act with a magical production of live animals! (shh…! It’s a secret surprise for the kids!!) An act crafted with a time-tested formula with just the right touch of simplicity and vibrancy of colors to stimulate the imagination and visual perception of children.

Flower Power
"So silly it’s charming!" is how most adults and kids would regard this comedy magic routine. A lovely flower in a pot is presented as a gift to a child, only to be “accidentally” ruined by the magician himself! Try as he may, the magician never quite succeeds in fixing back the flower and instead pulls off a series of comedy antics without himself realizing.

The children are then made to work as a team to fix the flower back with their magic! Laced with lots of interaction and humor, this particular piece of madcap adventure has ALWAYS succeeded in rousing positive emotions and engaging MAXIMUM children’s participation!

Freddo The Frog Prince
One of the highlights of the show, Freddo is a cheeky frog prince who engages in lots of amusing and funny moments with the Magic Prince himself. Highly loved by both kids and adults alike for his charm and playful nature, Freddo represents a light hearted look at our own often suppressed child-side.

Suitable for:
- First time party planning
- First time booking of Magical Concerts
- Kids between 3 to 10 yrs old
- Princess parties –*Perfect!
- All-girl parties (Danny is an all-girls party expert)-- *Perfect!
- Child care centres )--*Perfect!
- Party of any theme (fits into most, if not all themes)
- Parties with mixed age groups between 3-12
- Shopping centres, big events, tv and media
- Parents who refuse to grow up!

prince action 1

prince action 2
prince action 3


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Adventures of The Magic Prince Concert Two: Pirate Adventures

Ahoy mateys!

In the second of a trilogy of adventure-oriented show times, Danny reprises his role as the Magic Prince only with a twist this time as he gets captured by silly, swash-buckling pirates! For a change, the Magic Prince dons a pirate costume himself as he engages in some thrilling high-seas fun with the Pirates of the Carrot-Bean aboard his pirate ship, the "Brat Pearl".!

pirate studio

Here are some of the acts featured in Pirate Adventures:

Cola Monte

In a subtle attempt to extol and inculcate the healthy benefits and habits of drinking lots of plain water as well as fruit juices, the Magic Prince blends the messages into a fun-filled and logic defying trick that involves the portraits of two commercial brands of cola found in the cabin of his ship. One of the portraits ends up discarded amongst the pages of a magical book while the other changes magically into a bottle of orange juice.

Two Little Dickie Birds

As the story of two colas come to a happy end, Danny weaves yet another tale that invokes nostalgia or a sense of familiarity to different people. Our story this time revolves around the classic children’s nursery rhyme "Two Little Dickie Birds". The children are taught the verses of the nursery rhyme as well as the fun-to-do gestures that tag along with the lines.
This is an enchanted piece of wonder that adds a wonderful magical dimension to a classic piece of education material.

Rowdy Ronnie

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Sorry folks, it’s Rowdy Ronnie playing the hero again! Catch Ronnie in his full feathered glory in this episode of our high-sea magical concert. With a gift of the gab faster and louder than a griffin from the islands of Timbukcockatoo (where is that anyway?!), or so he claims, Ronnie is a laugh riot, full of knee-slapping, nutty comedy guaranteed to boost your mood and brighten your spirits!

Suitable for:
- Repeat bookings
- Pirate Themes--*Perfect!
- All-boys parties--*Perfect!

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pirate action 1
Pirate Action 4
pirate party

Adventures of The Magic Prince Concert Three: Half Lite Prince

In the final installment of the Magic Prince Adventures series, The Magic Prince finally discovers a formerly hidden power and ability within himself. An award wining fire and light spinner, Danny the Magic Prince sheds his usual happy-go-lucky image for some ultra cool moves and slick juggling maneuvers in this action-packed adventure filed with hypnotic lights and glowing sticks! Join the new Half-Lite Prince as he unravels a new world brimming with silver stardust and glowflies all under an inky night sky. It will prove to be an experience that remains close to one’s heart for time to come.


half lite studio

Dancing In The Moonlight

One of his signature acts amongst magicians in the showbiz industry, Danny twirls a pair of illuminated Glow Staffs in a darkened room, creating spectacular and rare hypnotic circles of light never before seen. Soft and graceful, time comes to a standstill in a dance of the spellbinding circles.

Stardust Memories

Witness a little miracle before your very eyes as Danny manipulates the "Glowflies" around him. He enlists their help in bringing an interesting light source to the soft glow of the room itself before encircling them into a pile of glow-dust on a piece of lovely fabric.

A Walk Beneath The Shooting Stars

Nebula and Orion, Danny’s twin pair of glow pois take stage in this award-winning repertoire involving enchanting light sequences in a totally relaxing and mesmerizing soundtrack.

** Advanced Show (Higher End Entertainment):
- Ideal for party goers who have "seen it all".
- Lighting and environmental conditions apply.
- Limited to one show booking per evening only. First come first served.

half lite action1
half lite action 3


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