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TRIQUEY WIQUEY | The Sound of Magic


A professional singer and veteran magician recognized for his multi-award winning sleight of hand magic in Asia, Niquey’s repertoires are a pure visual spectacle. Being the co-producer and song writer for our Magical Concerts, he mixes magic with his signature brand of music to bring about new and original compositions of both magical creations and songs to parties everywhere.

Witness the amazing precision and skill with which he manipulates different objects, ranging from cards to coins, as well as ropes, all with a high awareness of age specificity and suitability for his audience.

triquey studio

A distinguished magician who formerly performs only for exclusive and high end corporate events, Niquey, like the rest of the team at That Magical Party, has decided to bring his very own style of magic to your doorstep out of pure passion in performing for children.

Niquey is also the resident host for "It’s Magic!" party packages . He is the perfect solution for children who have outgrown the usual kiddy magic tricks or even teenagers who are celebrating a special party. Children will love his visual antics as well as ultra cool sleight of hand techniques! In fact, he is so popular it is not surprising to see children refusing to let him leave at parties!

Here are some of the acts:


Niquey vs The Matrix

In a sentence, this is pure visual entertainment! Watch in awe as Niquey opens the party with an exhilarating display of skill and dexterity in magic and manipulation. You won’t believe your eyes as canes and silks materialize from thin air only to vanish or reappear elsewhere all within your very sight! Are you watching closely?

100% Crowd pleaser! Non-stop action packed (with the production of live animals!)

Katty Kat
A hilarious tale about a pet that loses its tail! Maximum interactive fun as children get to participate in some seriously funny bits of business with Niquey as he attempts to "fix" his pet’s tail along with music and comedy! Children will absolutely love this piece of professionally-made magic prop due to its colorful and exquisite craftsmanship! Most importantly, Niquey delivers a message in caring for furry animals at home! Perfect for animal lovers!

Soft As Silk

Niquey gets the children to participate in a little game of color and common sense. He spins his magic around two lovely handkerchiefs of different colors, creating an illusion whereby they disappear and reappear, but as a different color. A very visual treat that is guaranteed to please even adults!


Sprinkles makes his debut appearance in the first of the Triquey Business range of concerts. Lovable and intelligent, Sprinkles interacts with Nique in a "chicken-and-duck-talk"  sort of comedy conversational routine set against children’s music.

Suitable for:
- Birthdays in general
- Older children
- Hard-to-please / demanding / know-it-all children
  (watch Niquey make their jaws drop!)
- Quality family fun
- Teenagers even
* Can easily be customized for younger kids and guaranteed hit

triquey action1
triquey action2
triquey action3
triquey action4

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Concert Two: The Sound of Magic

Niquey once again breaks the barriers of magical entertainment! This time, he expertly engineers a hybrid concert combining a pure, silky, melodious voice with the mysteries and myths of magic.  Adopting his voice as a vehicle to rouse the spirit of joy and childhood dreams, Niquey spins an alluring musical tale of wonder and enchantment in this latest offering from That Magical Party.

The FIRST AND ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND IN LOCAL SHOW BUSINESS HISTORY, featuring all-new original musical compositions and singing puppets, this is a RARE spectacle not to be missed!

This is the first magic-centric musical in its entirety!

sound of magic studio

With a proven track record of awards in magic competitions held both locally and internationally, topped with engagements with some of the well-known music production houses like Ocean Butterflies and top rankings in nationwide tv competitions such as SuperBand on Channel U, Niquey is unmatched when it comes to the marriage of music and magic!

Here are some of the acts featured in The Sound of Magic:

The Animal Farm

This is an expanded and updated musical rendition of Niquey’s popular Kitty Kat act. Niquey uses a range of ‘musical instruments’ made up of everyday objects to engage the children and their imagination, working them up in the process to sing along and watch in bewilderment as easy-to-understand and colorful magic abound simultaneously.

Twinkle Stars

Another musical rendition, this time featuring a twist from one of the Magic Prince’s prized routine featured in ‘Adventures of the Magic Prince 3 : The Half-Lite Prince, Niquey dishes up a heart-warming rendition of a classical children’s song. With the use of eye-catching and high-tech magical props, he catches stars from the air and strings them up like dazzling pearls aglow with a magenta hue. This adds a dramatic, whole new dimension to a child’s understanding of traditional sing-along songs!

Sprinkles the Blue Tapier

Everybody loves Sprinkles! A cheerful show stopper, Sprinkles spices up the party with wonderful songs from his own repertoire. Watch Sprinkles delight both young and old as he whips up a little musical whimsy, singing and frolicking amidst the crowd . This is an act which requires skilful manipulation of one’s vocal chords in order to ‘throw’ a musical note to a puppet and have it vent out. Not only is it rare but to have it done by a trained, professional singer, it is truly out of the world!

Roger the Shaggy Sheepdog

Meet Roger folks! Gifted with a voice for singing, he joins Niquey in a little singing competition, where both magician and lovable puppet pit their vocal chords against each other! This is a special segment where Niquey delivers a very special Chinese song from his competition days.


*Conditions and lighting apply. For more information, please contact Niquey at

Suitable for :
- Extremely young children (perfect!)
- 1 to 6 years old
- Parents who have chain-booked the ‘same old magicians’ in the market and want something NEW
- Special events
- Arts Festivals
- Kindergartens
- Music related themes

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